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    An increase in the demand for health care professionals has widened the career scope of Certified Nurse’s Assistant. Various factors are responsible for an increase in the demand of health care technicians like the enhanced longevity, growth of medical sector and technological advancement in the field of medicines. Today large part of young generation is opting for nurses as a career and so certified nurse’s assistant courses are highly in demand.

    Who is a Certified Nurse’s Assistant?

    Certified nurse’s assistant is commonly known as a CNA or nurses’ aide in the medical sector. Medical organizations like hospitals, clinics, blood banks, laboratories, private practices, rehabilitation centers and even diagnostic centers all cannot perform well without the services of a CNA. Certified nurse’s assistants are directly involved in patient’s care that includes taking care of patient for routine activities, in long term illness and even working in a medical practitioner’s office, but the important clause of their duty is that they do their jobs under the supervision of a licensed or certified nurse. Certified nurse’s assistant perform as a crucial link between the doctor and a licensed nurse.

    Duties of a certified nurse’s assistant:

    As mentioned earlier, certified nurse’s assistants are involved directly in patient care and so an aspirant seeking to take nurses as a career needs to have interest in serving patients whole heartedly.  They are involved in prime medical services that include admitting patient, transferring patients to respective departments and discharging patients. The basic duties of certified nurses assistant include:To work as a support system for the nursing staff in hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers.To help patients in basic health care needs like bathing, moving and lifting along with taking necessary medical readings like blood pressure, diabetes, pulse rate and temperature.To feed patients, to change their diapers, to clean their bedding and to empty drains, catheters and urinals.To assist mobility impaired patients in using wheelchairs.To take blood samples, to keep close check on the patient’s changing conditions and report the same to a licensed nurse under whom they are working.

    How to become a Certified Nurses Assistant?

    Pursuing the career of nurses has become quite easier for people who have desire to serve patients. Along with the practical and theoretical understanding, it is very important that the candidate has a liking to serve. Today all over the world there are several colleges offering nurses certification. The career scope of a nursing assistant is not promising as that of licensed practical nurse or registered nurse. Different countries and states have their own requisites for enrollment as framed by respective local authority but all of them do require certain level of basic education and training to enroll in the course of certified nurse’s assistant.

    Generally vocational schools and community colleges offer nurses assistant programs. These programs include learning about nutrition, infection control, observation skills, body anatomy, health care techniques, communication skills, patient’s privileges and safety of the patient. The programs are a combination of verbal talk, physical examination and medical training. The final stage of the program is to take the certified nurse’s assistant examination which consists of written and practical exam. On passing the exam, candidate is endorsed with the CNA certification. Usually for getting job in renowned hospitals and medical centers, CNA certified individuals need to have certain hours of classroom and clinical training under the supervision of registered nurse. This could be fulfilled by working as volunteer in hospitals and clinics during completion of program.

    Employment aspects for CNA

    The nursing career is flourishing and certified nursing assistants have wide opportunities. They can get to work in hospitals and even as a home health aide for bedridden patients. As per the Federal Bureau of Labor, the demand for CNA candidates is likely to increase by around 28% by 2016. As per 2011 statistics, certified nursing assistants earn around $18000 to $35000 yearly. With enhanced experience and skills, there are more aspects for CNA certified candidates to grasp higher salaries. Moreover, CNA certified nurses have better prospects to move ahead in nursing career and health care fields by gaining extra experience and training.

    Tips for starting your career

    In order to be successful as a certified nurse’s assistant, take a note of below mentioned few helpful tips:First and foremost is to know your liking for the career as a certified nurse’s assistant. Do a good research about the pros and cons of the profession.CNA class that is available on campus and on the internet needs to be appropriate. Know the basics of the course, its duration, the reputation of the college and the rules and regulations jotted down by the local jurisdiction of the state. Opt for a institute that can even help you to gain practical training as a part of internship.Take a note about the organization where you plan to take training, its HR policy, its pay policy, presence requirements, overtime pay, holidays etc that affects the overall wellbeing of a candidate.

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