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    Phlebotomy is a popular procedure that draws blood from the patient using safe medical needles, and if you are planning to get certified as a phlebotomist in Louisville KY, then you should under go proper training. There are different training schools or centers for aspiring phlebotomist and you can actually browse some of them via the net if you are really serious in making phlebotomy your lifeblood or if you are looking for a career that gives better pay.

    Understand that drawing of blood must be performed only by certified phlebotomist if you plan to focus working in a hospital. Hospitals and other companies that require the services of a qualified phlebotomist usually pay more than usual if they are very satisfied with your skill. You can say that most phlebotomists who are earning more than usual are the ones on the top of their class. Practice as well as having diligence and patience can help you perfect your craft.

    Learn to Appreciate the Different Uses of Phlebotomy

    There are great needs for phlebotomists in Louisville KY, and their work is crucial in many medical procedures. Phlebotomy is not limited to drawing of blood for testing. It can also help a person alleviate his or her suffering from certain disease. If you want to be a phlebotomist, then you must have proper training in order to render the right kind of service expected from you.

    The blood drawn through phlebotomy must be handled with extra care because it can help the doctors determine the current condition of the patient. If the blood samples are not handled properly, then chances are great for the samples to get contaminated. When that happens, doctors will surely arrive with a wrong diagnosis.
    There are also people that need phlebotomy on a regular basis. Those with condition called hemachromatosis, polycythemia, pulmonary edema, and other similar cases wherein phlebotomy is needed can benefit a lot from it.

    What Phlebotomists Usually do Before and During the Procedure

    The work of a phlebotomist in Louisville KY is not that easy and if you want to be one of the best phlebotomist, then you need to practice patience. Know that there are a number of people who are actually afraid of needles especially children. Yes, phlebotomy is not only for adults but for children as well. You need to constantly display your mask of professionalism in order to overcome such troubles with flying colors.

    For patients who are quite difficult to handle, a phlebotomist must try to calm them first (especially children) and make the patient feel at ease. While establishing relax and peaceful environment, a phlebotomist may start verifying the identity of the patient and prepare the equipments that will be used in the procedure.

    Any phlebotomist in Louisville KY or any other place can start the preparations for the actual drawing of blood by washing his or her hands, putting on the gloves, and instructing the patient to place his or her arm on the flat surface which the phlebotomist pointed.

    After choosing the vein to draw blood from, the phlebotomist puts a tourniquet some few inches above the location where the needle will be inserted in the target vein. It is wise for the patient to form a clenched fist.

    The target area where the needle must be inserted is thoroughly cleansed with alcohol pad and must be dried before actual insertion commence. Sometimes it is best for little children to have their moms with them to cover their eyes when actual drawing of blood takes place. The entire procedure is not painful, but when children see the blood flow out of them, it can summon indescribable fear that makes it difficult to complete the procedure without any trouble.

    Once the blood has begun filling the tube, the tourniquet is detached and you need to tell your patient to put his or her hand at ease. Withdraw the needle after collecting the needed samples and put gauze on the needle puncture. You need to label the samples properly in order to avoid any confusion.

    Be a responsible and reliable phlebotomist in Louisville KY and you will be more than glad that you have decided to be a phlebotomist – you had able to help a lot of people and your pocket is never empty!

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